Surfing And Fishing

As known world wide Labasa has the 3rd largest reef system in the world (The great sea reef). Here on this reef between November and March we are blessed to have waves that are great for surfing just an hour from the hotel. We offer packages for day trips to the great sea reef surf spot either on our 225 horse powered 28 footer boat or on a 42 footer Flybridge cruiser. Please contact us for package deals.

Floating Island

Floating Island lies some 50km northeast of Labasa and is fascinating to see. It is literally a small floating island that sits in a pond and gets blown around with the breeze. Even a few trees grow on the island. If the island is close to land you can even hop aboard it and take ride in this pond. Not very easy to reach, make sure you bring your water and snacks for the journey.

Naag Baba

The Naag Baba is in stone and has grown into what it is now. In the shape of a snake head where thousand of local devotees and visistors from all over the world come to worship daily. A roof was constructed to house the Naag Baba but years later it had to be reconstructed because the Naag Baba had grown so big that a bamboo stick is used to assist in garlanding.

There are 108 steps leading from the Naag Baba Temple to the main Yagan Bhawan. The devotees who arrive at the Baba Temple are able to follow through these 108 steps to perform their Yagna Hawan in unique peaceful surrounding.

It was discovered by Mr Abbu who came to Fiji during the Indenture System in 1907.You have to see it to believe. It's a 10 minutes drive from Takia.